About Us

Pastor Jeff Fuller and Firm Foundations 316 have enjoyed an online presence on Facebook for several years. (Firm Foundations on Facebook) In this platform, time has been spent sharing information, spiritual insights and encouragement to become active disciples of Christ

With the inception of Fire in the Pulpit Events and the ushering in of the 2020 year, Pastor Fuller made a decision to make as a priority for the RBC Family of Faith and himself to intentionally connect, begin conversations and enable meaningful communication to bring glory to God.

Joining together the various media platforms, publishing and public speaking engagements Firm Foundations becomes the hub from which flows the message:

“Stand firm and don’t be shaken.  Always keep busy working for the Lord.  You know that everything you do for Him is worthwhile.” (1 Corinthians 15:58 CEV) 

While the audio of the Standing Firm Devotions each morning on Pastor Jeff Fuller’s personal Facebook Page are found in the PODCAST Tab of this website, the video is found on his YouTube Channel.  You are invited to click on the link and subscribe as these are added to the channel in their respective subject matter and episodes.

Thank you for sharing in this ministry as we Exalt the Savior, Equip the Saint, and Evangelize the Sinner.

Jeff Fuller