#7 Devotion-It is Time

Jesus Gives Revival

He loves you more than life itself, willingly dying for you than living life without you! He offers forgiveness, pardon, hope, and life abundantly.

We are His by adoption!  Yet, we have grown complacent, marred in traditions, caught in the things of this world. There is one thing needful; we must repent, renewing our vows with God and our commitment to the God of Heaven, who will send renewal and revival to the cold, dry, dusty ground of our souls.

Because He will not leave you where you are. His Holy Spirit comes to draw us to His side, bringing conviction, demanding sincere confession, fervent prayer and renewed interest in the things of God. This is where revival begins, and it must begin with me!

Let us feel the fresh winds of revival blowing through the church and the land. May we hear with open ears the call of the Master. Let us taste the new wine. Open our eyes so we might see the God of Glory who desires the best for us. May we walk humbly with our God.

Let us pray it happens here, in the pews and in the hearts of the people of God.

Let us with renewed focus bow before the altar of God, repent, renew, and readjust ourselves. Life depends on it! It is time to redeem the time!

Consider an exercise:

Take a moment to reflect on the answers to the previous six devotionals and write a summary here of yourself thoughts through this devotional time.

Make three specific prayer requests for revival by completing this statement: “Lord, send revival to…”


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