What have you learned lately?

Learned any new lessons?  Found something new and exciting to lift you up or cause you to look into deeper?

Someone once told me, “Learn something new every day.”  I have tried to keep this concept in mind.  It is not an easy task when you are the one always talking, teaching, leading, and being out front.  Yet, it is what puts a new fire inside me, blows new wind into my sails, and realigns by life.  Learning.

Again, what have you learned in the midst of this mess we are living in during the past three months?  What new and exciting thing has been revealed to you to make you look deeper?

Some have learned it is time for America to be more dependent on American made products.  Others have become more conscience of elementary forms of personal protection.  Others have realized some things for more important, vital to life; things taken for granted have become precious, special.

What have you learned?

There are a few things I can think of which I have learned in the time we are living:

One, the church is functioning outside the building.

The church has not been closed; it has been deployed.  It has been activated outside the walls of the brick and mortar facility.  For thirteen years I have been reminder our Faith Family the church is a body of believers, made of flesh and blood.  Sunday and at other assorted times we gather to fellowship, but the main purpose of the church is to be light and salt in the world.  I see the church doing this at such a time as this.

And in that same vein of thought, secondly, I have seen the church expand ministry.

More and more local congregations are using all means possible to share the message of hope and life found in the Word of God.  They are using Facebook, Zoom, YouTube, text, messenger as tools for sharing faith.  It is incredible to see how God is continuing to work.  I heard of a Muslim family attending a Drive-In church service, of someone coming to Christ through an evangelistic appeal on a video, and first-time attenders watching services on YouTube.  No, do not say the church is closed; the church is more open than ever before.

Third, I have learned there is a deep hunger for the Word of God with a relationship that is not based on religion. 

More and more have reached out to leaders, pastors, and teachers to talk through problems and issues.  They are interested in a walk with God.  They are interested in seeing God work in their problems.  They are hungry.

I have thought a great deal about the children of Israel.  Because of their own selfishness, immaturity, and lack of trust wandered in the wilderness.  They were carried for in so many ways, but failed to see it; fed with manna, led by the pillar of fire and the cloud, received water from rocks, and their clothes and shoes never showed any wear.  Yet, they grumbled and complained.  They continual wanted everything the way they wanted it to be.  But God took time and interest and brought them safely into the promised land flowing with milk and honey.

The writer of Hebrews penned:

“We have a great deal to say about this, and it is difficult to explain, since you have become too lazy to understand.” (Hebrews 5:11 CSB Bible)

Could it not be words which would have been spoken in their time?  Could it not have been words spoken to us in our time?

Friend do not lose an opportunity.  God may have brought you to just a such a time as this to reveal some truth to you.  He wants, desires to teach you something.  There is a lesson to learn in everything you experience.  “Learn something new every day.”

Until next time…

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