August 13, 2023

Parable #11: You’re Invited! RSVP Required!

Passage: Matthew 22:1-14
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Parables-081323am | YOU’RE INVITED! RSVP REQUIRED! | Matthew 22:1-14

These parables of the Lord are amazing stories with hidden truths concerning the kingdom of heaven. We have Parables which are ETERNAL TRUTHS FOR MODERN TIMES. This particular story concerning the marriage feast requires careful observation to understand.

It is an invitation that comes, not from an earthly ruler, but from the King of all Creation! And the glory into which He invites us far exceeds anything found at the wedding of the century or, for that matter, any palace found on earth. It’s God’s invitation to you and me to enter into His kingdom.

Come join us as we explore Matthew 22 And Ephesians 1.